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The Extremists

acrylic paintings (30x30cm)

for exhibition 'Ménageries'

at Fellner Louvigny Luxembourg 2019

a collection of animals, each one presenting one or more extreme features, abilities, talents

exhibition book

paintings for project

As Time Goes By

at Centre d'Art Nei Liicht, Dudelange (L)

2016 personal exhibition

exhibition book

Hair 2013

commissioned work

100 images (10x10cm)

paintings, photo transfers, objects 

130x130 cm 

Still Life, Life Line 2012

a life illustrated by 366 images (10x10 cm)

paintings, drawings, photo transfers, objects

displayed in one continuous line of 40m +


exhibition book

101 Winged Creatures 2009

101 images 10x10 cm 

oil paint, patterned paper on wooden boxes

total size 65x230 cm


images of ordinary, extraordinary, fake, real, extinct, endangered, borderline, imagined, invented, prevented, floating, flying, diving, hovering, gliding, colorful, dull, fierce, funny, lovable, despicable, treacherous and unnecessary but funny icons 


© Diane Jodes 2014

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