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Wanted 2019 XXL

printmaking residency organized

by and at Kulturhuef,Grevenmacher

theme: Luther, Gutenberg

and Steve Jobs

XXL woodcut formats 2,20m x 1,50m printed with a street- steamroller

during a 10 day event

exhibition of final works

June 20 - December 22, 2019

invited artists:

Diane Jodes (L)

Neckel Scholtus (L)

Anna Eiber (D)

Laas Koehler (D)

Thomas Peter (D)











As Time Goes By

Centre d'art Nei Liicht, Dudelange 2016





view exhibition book here











Münsterland Festival

Part 8 Benelux, 2015

printmaking residency

at Kloster Bentlage

Rheine, Germany April 2015


participating BeNeLux printmakers


Thomas Amerlynck (B)

Patrick Mangnus (NL)

Diane Jodes (L)


3 exhibitions 3 artists

September 2105


Kunstverein Ahlen

Stadtmuseum Borken

Kloster Bentlage










Wanted 2010

printmaking residency


Print and Playing Card Museum

Grevenmacher, G.D. of Luxembourg


A research into Kulturhuef's past and present building history.

From slaughter house to playing card and printmaking museum.

Home to the Dieudonné collection of historical playing cards and of bygone typographical machinery and letterpress archives.


4 animals to illustrate a case...


Dieu donne - à volonté?

Artmix II 2006-2007

cultural exchange and residency

-6 artists;

Rog Molitor, Diane Jodes, Cordue, Joan Timmel, Manuela Osterburg, Igor Michajlow

-3 cities;


-2 countries; Luxembourg-Germany




handmade artist's books, limited editions  

Ein Männlein...

A Facebook project, made into a book.

Find the complete book here


A photo diary of small, big, mysterious, spectacular, thrilling, bright, beautiful, mystifying, kitsch, ugly, trivial, cliché and sometimes not so interesting encounters during our daily doggy walk in the woods and in the world... For whatever or whoever it is good for.


October 11, 2010 - October 10, 2011

4 seasons

365 days

one photo a Diane Jodes





© Diane Jodes 2014

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